The Art of Harmonizing

The Art of Harmonizing is a practice founded on Hoʻoponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing art of reconciliation. It is a personal healing process based on the Universal Principles of Love, Vibration and Duality and embraces the Elements of Hoʻoponopono, Consciousness, Self-Responsibility, Holographic Universe, The Heart and Sacred Geometry. The focus of this process is our relationship with our self. We bring harmony to the aspect of our self, our consciousness that causes us pain and suffering.

Our pain and suffering in life, is in part due to our sense of separation from our true nature, our essence, of which is Love. The Harmonizing Practice can heal this illusion of separation, guiding us on a journey to wholeness. We come to know our self as the consciousness of love. We give ourselves the great gift that we’ve always longed for: unconditional loving presence. This is Self-Love. This is Sovereignty.