6 week Virtual Webinar with Alaya DeNoyelles

The Art of Harmonizing: Coming Home to the Sovereignty of Love

May 7 – June 11, 2014

Wednesdays from 10:00-11:30 HST

In this inspirational and healing virtual webinar you will learn the alchemy of transforming your wounded shadows and painful memories back to their sovereign frequency of love.

Using ancient wisdom, modern science, meditations, sacred art and exercises Alaya will guide you through the ancient Hawaiian healing art of Ho’oponopono.

You will enjoy live interaction with Alaya, multiple handouts, mp3 meditations, practices and deepening exercises as well as experience the multimedia slideshow used in her popular workshops and retreats, offering you a profound visual and visceral experience of the teachings.

You will have physical experiences of harmonizing your inner duality, resolving your split in consciousness and returning to unified consciousness.

Scientific research proves that we live a longer, healthier life when engaged in intimate relationships that flow the freqency of love through our body. Your deepest most intimate relationship is the one with yourself.  Reawaken this intimacy within and feel the flow of self love as it reflects out into your life.

The first four modules will present, review and deepen the core teachings of The Sovereignty of Love, Coming Home With Ho’oponopono. The last two will present new material and practices from Alaya’s upcoming book Harmonize Duality, Living in Unified Consciousness.

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MODULE ONE Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everything starts with love, remember; love is the ultimate law … the world is only a school to learn the art of love. ~ Osho



~ Discover and explore the Hawaiian story of the Bowl of Light

~ Explore the Universal Principles of Love, Vibration & Duality

~ Learn how to attract vibrations and frequencies that are in resonant alignment

~ Experience the union of duality instead of its conflict

~ Understand the harmonious dance of Yin and Yang, the interplay of opposites

~ Learn that all polarities are two sides of the same coin

~ Program your body for optimal health

MODULE TWO Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tao in one; then it divides itself into two, yin and yang, darkness and light, life and death. But the reality is One. ~ The Secret of the Golden Flower

10756965_s~ Learn the theory, embodiment and application of the Hawaiian healing art of Ho’oponopono

~ Restore your natural state of inner peace

~ Explore the inter-relationships between subconscious, conscious and super conscious

~ Shift your habitual unconscious patterns to an integrated and harmonious frequency

~ Claim authorship of your life through self-responsibility

~ Experience a swift pathway to embodying your sovereignty

~ Free yourself from victim consciousness

~ Discover how Acceptance of What Is, What Was and What Might Be will entirely transform your life

MODULE THREE Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Heart is the transcendence of duality … love is its natural quality … the heart knows nothing of the past, nothing of the future; it knows only of the present … ~ Osho
energybody~ Learn why your life is a holographic projection constantly mirrored by your inner reality

~ Understand why your consciousness is holographic by nature

~Discover that there is No Out There, There is Only You!

~ Integrate your inner world and witness the mirrors of your life harmonize

~ Experience the intelligence of the heart

~ Embody heart coherency thru guided meditation

~ Learn how to release oxytocin and endorphins

MODULE FOUR Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

14465396~ Learn the Art of Harmonizing, a simple, authentic approach to living a harmonious life

~ Identify what has separated you from your infinite well of love

~ Discover and explore an intimate relationship with your wounded self

~ Regain trust and love for yourself

~ Harmonize negative subconscious conditioning with your conscious presence

~ Embrace your pain and suffering with love

MODULE FIVE Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We are all the mirror as well as the face in it. ~ Rumi

6a00d83454b17a69e20120a73d93ea970b-800wi~ Discover the simplicity and magnificence of Sacred Geometry

~ Learn why Sacred Geometry is the foundation of all of existence

~ Explore the Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life

~ Experience the union of duality thru guided meditation

MODULE SIX  Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Transforming unconsciousness into consciousness ~ that is the real transformation of base metal into gold. Gold represents consciousness, enlightenment. ~ Osho

yinyang vesica~ Deeply explore the polarities of consciousness

~ Become the witness of your wounded shadows and painful memories

~ Learn the moment to moment harmonious dance of duality

~ Practice living consciously in the now

~ Bring lasting peace and harmony into your life

~ Live from a frequency of unified and integrated consciousness

~ Embody and unify the polarities that exist in every moment via your emotions and life circumstances

~ Consciously live every moment in unified consciousness