The Bowl of Light

Each child is born with a perfect bowl of light. This bowl represents her true identity, a vessel of shining Light. If she is taught to love and respect her light, then she will grow in strength and health and she can do anything – swim with the shark, fly with the birds, know and understand all things. If, however, she judges her experience of life as bad and becomes fearful, ashamed, or resentful, she drops a stone into her bowl of light and it blocks some of the light. The stone and the light cannot hold the same space. If she continues to put stones in the bowl it will eventually be full of stones, the light will go out, and she will become a stone. A stone does not grow, nor does it move. If at any time she tires of being a stone, all she needs to do is turn the bowl upside down and the stones will fall out, and the light will grow bright once more.

In this Hawaiian story, the bowl of light represents our true essence: pure light, pure love. When we are conscious and respectful of this light, we are living in our highest state of freedom, our sovereignty.

The stones in the bowl represent the pain and suffering that we cause ourselves by resisting life instead of trusting it, and by not accepting others or ourselves as we are.

If we fill our bowl of light with stones, we lose connection with our essence and feel separate from the source of love and light.

It would be nice if we could just dump our stones out and start over again. The reality is that all of our experiences, both painful and pleasurable, will always be part of who we are. It’s not possible to deny or eliminate them. What we can do is return the light to our bowl so that the memories of our wounds no longer affect us negatively. We can turn our stones into crystals. We polish them with our loving presence. This is the alchemy that transforms our experiences of pain and suffering into a treasure chest of pristine, multifaceted jewels. Our bowl of light is now full of shimmering, sparkling crystals, representing a richly lived life.

The Harmonizing Practice presented in this book is a method of tending our stones and restoring the light in our bowl.


I live on the tropical island of Kauai, and am profoundly influenced daily by its magnificent, soft, nurturing qualities that embrace my being on every level. Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, which are the most remote, isolated land mass on the planet.

The aloha spirit is well known for its warmhearted, welcoming attitude. Aloha means much more than hello or goodbye; it is a cultural protocol, a way of life. Aloha is a compound word composed of alo, meaning presence, sharing or facing, and ha, meaning breath, or the essence of life.  Aloha symbolically means to share breath and to be present with the essence of life, which is love.  When we think or say the word aloha, we generate loving vibration and attune ourselves to the Divine or Spiritual Power, what Hawaiians call mana.

Traditionally, Hawaiians know that honoring, loving, respecting, and being pono (correct) in all relationships is vital to a harmonious life.  When there is conflict, injustice or disharmony amongst the family, they can restore harmony using a process called Ho’oponopono, an ancient healing art of conflict resolution. The purpose of Ho’oponopono is to return the aloha (the breath of life) back into the family.

The Harmonizing practice offered in this book is based on Ho’oponopono. It is a way to restore our Bowl of Light, to harmonize our stones of wounds and pain, and bring back the light of aloha, our essence of love.

This work has been inspired by the energy, the mana (spiritual power) of the aina (environment) that I experience here on Kauai, primarily from the top of a mountain that overlooks her lush tropical forests, fertile valleys, and the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. I have been the conduit for this work; however, its creator is this island. My prayer is that I’ve honored her magnificence and that her mana is felt when you read this book and experience the practices given.

The phrase ‘sovereignty of love’ came to me one day as I was coming down this mountain where I often hike and meditate. Not knowing how to spell sovereignty, let alone define it, I simply trusted the message, then went home and researched its meaning. Webster loosely defines sovereignty as ‘our highest autonomous state.’ I learned that sovereignty means freedom and empowerment, giving rise to the deeply satisfying, peaceful feeling of wholeness, of home. Ultimately, I’ve come to know it as self-love.

This is how this book was written.  During my hike up Nounou (the Sleeping Giant), or when I was sitting up on top meditating, inspirations would come. I would pick up a flower or twig on the trail and infuse it with my inspiration so that I could later remember the essence of the message. I would then hike down the mountain with my hands, my pockets, my bra full of strawberry guava, blossoms, pinecones, leaves, or rocks. Once home I laid them out on my desk and began typing up the inspirations they represented. I would then research the scientific or spiritual teachings that seemed related to the inspiration I received on my hike. Captivated with old and new scientific research, I devoured everything I could find on the hologram theory, vibration, and sacred geometry. Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Nassim Haramein, amongst others, became my heroes. It was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, as all the pieces seemed to fit together perfectly. Over the course of three years, the weaving of these inspirations and discoveries became this book.

Invariably, each inspiration became a lesson presented to me by the circumstances of my life.  As I tasted it, I was willing to experience it, live it, and embody it in order to understand the true meaning of the message. Often this was a very painful process as I dealt with intense relationship and health struggles, eventually learning to trust and welcome the gifts embedded in the suffering.

I found that by using the process of Ho’oponopono when challenges came up in my life, I was able to experience my pain, accept it, take responsibility for it, offer it my love, and see it dissolve back into peace.  Doing this process over time, I found myself more and more in a blissful state that took me to a peace beyond anything I’d ever experienced. Miraculously, I watched as my stones transformed into crystals.  The process I had discovered became an integral part of my healing practice.  I was excited to witness the transformative power of the practice with my clients and in workshops.

This book is written in three parts.  Part One discusses the universal principles of Love, Vibration, and Duality. Part Two delivers the fundamental elements necessary to embody the Harmonizing Practice given in Part Three.  These elements are Ho’oponopono, Consciousness, Self-responsibility, Holographic Reality, the Heart, and Sacred Geometry.

Our sense of separation from our essence, which is love, is the cause of our suffering. This book is about reuniting our consciousness with love, restoring our shining bowl of light.

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